A street rat Rogue


Real Name: Stephen Nigrum
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 130
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Sex: Male
Age: 16

Ducat: 0
Zlot: 1
Pfenning: 5


Weapon Range ROF Damage AP Weight Notes
Wheellock Pistol 5/10/20 1 2d6+1 1 3 2 Rounds to Reload.
Dagger N/A N/A Str+d4 0 1

Shot w/ Powder Quantity: 10
Leather Satchel
Various Brickabrack: Glass, Beads, Pins and Needles, twine, string, Scraps of paper
6x candles
Box of jewelry


Novice 05 – 10 – 15-
Seasoned 20 – 25 – 30 – 35 -
Veteran 40 – 45 – 50 - 55 –
Heroic 60 – 65 – 70 – 75 –
Legendary 80 – 90 – 100 – 110 –

Gryphen, (Never call me Stephen) has lived in Brasov all of his life. He grew up in the orphanage in the shadow of the Black Church dreaming that his father had survived the war, where he fought as a knight against the Ottoman invaders, and would come any day to get him. (Okay, this is the story that he has convinced himself of, his utter disregard for the fine education he should have gotten from the nuns and priests of the Black Church has caused him to be a little sketchy on the details. The fact that the last battle against the Ottomans was over 100 years ago doesn’t even enter his mind) He took his name from Greek mythology. The Gryphen, after all, was the Lion that slew Hercules. He hates the Name Stephen Nigrum. All of his ‘brothers and sisters’ from the orphanage are named Nigrum which means Black, meaning they are a child of the Black Church. All of the children were given the name of a saint so that they would learn to emulate them and be great one day. All he knows about Stephen is that he is some king from thousands of years ago and since he was rich he made the church make him a saint. At school Gryphen met another student named Dasius. Dasius was big and fat and slow and kinda dumb. He would sit there in class and actually listen to the priest yammering on and on about Saint so and so who ruled Greece for a thousand years and planted potatoes or something. When Dasius talked it was almost as slow and plodding as the priests or nuns. However, Dasius would actually listen to him, he would get excited as he told tales of robbing dragons and hunting for lost treasures and even though he was usually a coward, sometimes he could get him to go on an adventure with him. Dasius introduced him to Margaret, a girl he knew. Margaret was not really a “girl” she was one of them. She would talk with Dasius and Gryphen about the fun adventures that they would have. Dasius and Margaret were there when they snuck into the High Priest’s store room and stole jars and jars of pickles. Ohh they ate pickles for half the night before they were caught. The whipping he got was almost as bad as how sick he was from eating all the pickles. He could barely sit for a week. Dasius must be too dumb to feel pain though since he sat comfortably and stared at Gryphen with those big sorrowful eyes. Gryphen did see Margaret and she didn’t join them on any adventures for almost half a year after that. As the boys got older Gryphen finally learned why Dasius always got a pained expression on his face when he would tell him how he was going to overthrow the nobles in this town and make himself King. Dasius was a noble himself and filthy rich. Whenever they would go out, Dasius always tried to pay for everything, like he was a beggar and too poor to be able to pay. Well, Gryphen is no beggar, Gryphen is the future King of the glorious kingdom of ohh something or other. Margaret’s father was the town sheriff. How did he let himself get tied up with these two? Finally school is over and Gryphen is free to make a life for himself. Not two days out of the church and he managed to clip a purse with enough money in it to stay in a room for a week and eat all he wants. Dasius even let him know that he will likely be free for the whole summer before he has to be lord of the manor again. With Gryphen, Margaret, and Dasius, ohh what can we do? The tales people will be telling of us soon.


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